90° Certification FAQs

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What is the structure of the program?
Enrolled participants will meet monthly for a full day of training to draw from the expertise of seasoned veteran urban leaders, who have achieved a high success rate in structuring life-changing youth departments.

Each leader will participate in practical training concepts, share their perspectives in corporate dialogue, and receive relevant resources that will help shape their leadership portion as they tie into their ministry structure.

  • Monthly full-day meetings with top urban youth ministry trainers
  • Personal one-on-one executive coach (provided by Western Theological Seminary)
  • Meal provided at each monthly session
  • Book(s) provided each month

What outcomes can I expect?

  • A stronger framework for building a thriving and sustainable youth ministry,
  • Increased longevity in ministry,
  • Enhanced fundraising skills,
  • A strengthened capacity for community outreach and engagement,
  • A comprehensive Ministry Action Plan (MAP),
  • Improved skills for identifying, training and developing other leaders,
  • Resources and an improved proficiency at responding to urban youth culture.

Where is the program located?

In Fall of 2019 we are launching new cohorts in Los Angeles and New York.

CONTACT US to express your interest in joining a cohort in your area.

You must attend the monthly cohort meetings in person.  Most participants live near the cohort cities, but a few travel to the monthly meetings.  We would welcome you into the group either way.

How much does the Certification Program cost?

The program cost is generally $2,495, but due to a generous grant we are able to reduce the price for everyone to $1,495 at this time.  Payment can be made as a lump sum (with a 5% total discount), or via deposit & monthly payment plan.

How does the monthly payment plan work?

You pay an initial deposit of $495, and the rest is divided evenly into 10 monthly payments of $100.   Ten monthly payments begin on the 5th of the month of the first class.  (Students who wait until the deadline to pay their deposit should be aware that their first monthly payment will be due very soon thereafter.)

How long is the training day each month?

Classes are 6-8 hours and take place either during the day or the evening.  Contact us to find out the class meeting time for your city.

Can you help me talk to my pastor & potential donors?

Yes, we can provide you with a letter for you to use to communicate with pastors, donors, and others about the value of the program, and ask for their support.

Do I have to attend each class?

The program is a 12-month certification program.  Each month’s course is a unique subject and is self-contained. Absenteeism and tardiness are strongly discouraged.

What will my certification mean?

Your 12 month training program will give the youth worker practical skills to operate in ministry at a higher level.  Although our program is not an accredited program transferrable to a university, it is the best training a Youth Pastor, Director, Leader can receive.

Tell me more about the Coaching Training that is a part of the Certification program?

We are excited that Western Theological Seminary is partnering with us to train and equip youth leaders.  Each enrolled student will have an assigned Coach that they will meet with via telephone for 1 hour.  The day and time of the meeting will be set by the student and coach together.  The training will begin during the fourth month of the 90-Degree Certification program.   The coaching provided will integrate the course training to bridge the new learning to the new desired practice or enhanced old practices.

Do I need to purchase books and supplies for this program?

No.  The books and supplies you will need are all a part of the program cost.  Through this program, you will build your library of resources that will be beneficial to you in ministry and leadership.

What if I don’t live near Los Angeles or New York?

Not to worry, we also have an Online Certification Program you can enroll in. [ Click Here ]

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