A Church in the Garage and the Boy Scouts

If you have never been to Cafe El Gallo on Cesar Chavez in East LA, you are missing out on a great little place. It has free wi-fi and computers hooked up to the internet for those of you who don’t roll with a laptop. The food is great and the fruit smoothies are worth pulling of the 710 freeway any day of the week. The East LA coalition has met here the last two times and it has been a small group but great discussions about life and ministry in the community. Here are some highlights:

  • chris is bringing some hope to lincoln heights by playing soccer in the alley behind his apartment and church services in the garage, but is asking the question of how to help people toward real change.
  • you have to meet leo gonzalez from the boy scouts. if you are a church in the la area or live in a community where kids need positive role models and some things to open their eyes to life outside the neighborhood. you need to give leo a holla.
  • we discussed the article by the center for youth and family on “stress in the city”

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  1. Mujerista 07/12/2007 at 2:07 pm #

    I was there for a meeting regarding the Cityhood for East L.A. efforts (http://www.cityhoodforeastla.org) and was amazed at how beautiful it is! Can’t wait till they open up the bookstore/gift shop downstairs. Just another example of the potential in our community!

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