A Reload Diary, from New York

by | Jan 21, 2009 | Blog

– Republished from Jeremy Del Rio’s blog.

Since pictures tell the story better than I could, I’ll let my photo diary from Saturday’s Reload New York speak for me, for now.

If the PictoBorwser doesn’t work in your browser, view the full set and slideshow here (170 pics, including Harvey Carey, Dr. A.R. Bernard, Larry Acosta, Ron Luce, Virginia Ward, 20/20 Vision for Schools, Ambassador, Adam Durso, Bo Boshers, almost 1,000 attendees, and more).


In between picture taking, I twittered notes and reflections. Here’s the Tweet-by-Tweet.

  • Anticipating Reload NYC tomorrow. With 500+ preregistered as of Tues, anticipating a record turnout: http://tinyurl.com/ax3jdr #
  • Overwhelmed by the response to Reload! Unofficially 1,000+ have packed every room at Christ Tabernacle. #
  • “Enter the Matrix: the How To’s of School Adoption.” Download this and other workshops at http://2020schools.net. #
  • Harvey Carey: If you’re not slaying giants you’re not doing youth ministry (my paraphrase). #
  • Ralph Castillo: cheer your youth because without them, you don’t have a job (paraphrase). #
  • Get out of student ministry (or repent and change) if you’re a lazy student. Model life learning. #
  • Ambassador: Refined Hip Hop. “Gimme dat.” #
  • Adam Durso: What up on a Saturday afternoon? #
  • Dr. A.R. Bernard, Larry Acosta, Virginia Ward, Ron Luce, Adam Durso, & Patrick Pierre on the longevity of a youth worker. #
  • ARB: fame comes in a moment, but greatness comes with longevity. #
  • ARB: Don’t confusing calling and career. #
  • ARB: blossoms don’t equal fruitfulness. Blossoms come & go quickly. Fruit take lomger to ripen. #
  • Avg urban youth worker burns out within 18 months. #
  • http://twitpic.com/13y4o – The longevity of a youth pastor panel. #
  • PP: youth min cannot be perceived as a stepping stone. Before him, 36 youth leaders in 6yrs. In 12yrs, grew ym from 9 to 800. #
  • VW: urban ym lack resource, time, training, and $. Day jobs, no budget, young families. Need to redefine ym. #
  • LA: we heal in community so don’t suffer alone.
  • AD: refuel and regroup during intimacy
  • RL: be creative. Avoid religious ruts to regenerate.
  • ARB: 3 elements to preserve longevity: relationships, honesty, and time.
  • LA: more than 50% of world lives in cities. More than 60% of city dwellers are 18 or younger. #
  • Larry Acosta: an acronym for FINISH WELL:
  • LA: first things first. Nourish your soul.
  • LA: integrity, integrity. Do what’s right even when it’s hard.
  • LA: nurture your family. #
  • LA: invest in you. Stay a learner. Stay healthy.
  • LA: self-aware. Be real with your junk. #
  • LA: (we are only as sick as our secrets) #
  • LA: humility in leadership. Be refreshed in that. Check logos & egos at the door. Role like Jesus with humility
  • LA: walk with others. Experience safe community.
  • LA: (don’t assume I’m doing well.)
  • LA: eliminate the things that enslave. If the devil can’t make u bad he makes u busy.
  • LA: life-long learning. Leaders are readers and readers are leaders. #
  • LA: lead through a team. Don’t do ministry alone. #
  • LA: collectively, “Finish Well.” #
  • Bo Boshears: protect home field advantage. #
  • Bo: If it’s not going well, there’s no shame. Or cliche answers. Oppty to “be with.” Be faithful. #

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