Are You Infected? Plus-1’s Change the World

by | Jun 23, 2010 | Blog

If you missed the national broadcast of Reload 1.2.3, here’s a flavor of the opening general session, introducing both the technology innovations and the concept of plus-1’s.

Broadcast Intro

Emcees: Ryan Schlachter & Jeremy Del Rio

[VIDEO INTRO: River Rush]


“Welcome to the national broadcast of RELOAD 1.2.3. My name is Ryan Schlachter and I’m a Plus-1. Yeah, I am contagious.

Whether you’re joining us live in Manhattan, Jersey City or watching online around the country, you’ll meet many other Plus-1’s today.  Hopefully, we’ll infect a lot more of you before the day is over.

What’s a Plus-1?

We are the next generation leaders, the fruit of the seeds planted by urban youth workers. That’s right. A chosen generation. A royal priesthood. Empowered by God to represent God’s Kingdom Legacy.  Wow…I like that.

We’re the future of youth ministry, and our future is NOW.

The Kingdom we represent upends convention and transcends what’s normal.  It proclaims good news to the poor and sets free the captive. It restores what’s been stolen and populates empty streets with homes that flourish. It mends broken hearts and fixes broken systems.

And it trusts people like me to change the world.

My generation has already changed the world.  That’s why this year, we have revolutionized Reload.  Here’s how.”

[VIDEO 2: Social Media Revolution]


Thank you for helping us make youth ministry history today!

RELOAD 1.2.3 is the first multi-site, multi-state youth ministry training event ever.

One Conference. Two States. Three venues that marry the energy that comes when people of like mind and heart convene face-to-face … WITH the real-time interactivity social media provides when face-time isn’t always possible.


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