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Knoxville Speciatly Training

October 22, 2011 Sentertown Missionary Baptist Church 7149 Millertown Pike Knoxville, TN 37924 MAP IT Cost – FREE BUILDING A THRIVING YOUTH MINISTRY Join us along with your volunteer team and top student leaders for a day of team building, planning and organizing your youth ministry calendar for the year! • Get practical and creative […]

Leading In Isolation

Leading In Isolation

When I reflect on various settings I’ve experienced, there are so many moments when the leader shows up alone. As a little boy, no matter the type of support, Mom showed up; as a student in the classroom, the teacher showed up; as a player on the team, the coach showed up; and even as […]

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Boston Specialty Training

June 25, 2011 Abundant Life Church 47 Howard Street Boston, MA 02139 MAP IT RATE – $40 (Includes Lunch & Training manual) Please register by Tuesday, June 21, 2011 TOPIC: Jesus Focused Youth Ministry Forum Taught by Roger Palmer Reach Out Ministries- Atlanta • This training will provide a planning framework for church-based youth workers […]

Register for Under Pressure:  Lifting the Lid Before You Pop Your Top (Atlanta, GA) in Atlanta, GA  on Eventbrite

Los Angeles Specialty Training

July 14, 2011 Parkcrest Church (7th Ave. Campus) 668 Obispo Ave. Long Beach, CA 90814 MAP IT Don’t miss out on this Training! RSVP Online; Pay $10 at the door (Includes Dinner & Training) Human Trafficking The uncut story of one Pastor’s unexpected journey into the world of Human Trafficking reveals how close to home […]

Youth and Pain

Youth and Pain

Everyone experiences pain, be it emotional, physical, spiritual or mental pain. We Recent events have shown how detrimental unresolved pain can be, especially the emotional pain caused by bullying and other forms of abuse, both in and outside the home. Pain can lead to suicide, homicide, or have other long-term detrimental affects on further development […]

Teens & Drugs

Teens & Drugs

The term “drugs” is used for mood-altering chemicals, including alcohol. Throughout history people have found ways of ingesting or inhaling local flora and fauna in a way that produces physical and emotional changes. Through these experiences, many medicines have been discovered. The use of drugs, in fact, must be seen in part as a form […]


RESOURCES FOR THE UNCHURCHED Every youth group has some students that we would consider “unchurched.” These are the youth who never in their life have been exposed to church life of any kind. We may not realize it but there are A LOT of nuances that we speak on in youth programs that assume our […]


Video gaming has gone from being a subculture to being a dominant cultural influence. Currently 97% of males and 94% of females under 18 years of age are video gamers. Many play in small amounts (an average of 18 hours per week), but some gamers report that they play 40 hours or more a week. […]

Bullying: Warning Signs

The following is a list of warning signs that a student may be getting bullied.  Please make a copy, edit it, be creative, add artwork or whatever, but place it publicly where your students can see it.  Consider making a copy and editing it for your parent’s newsletter/email. – Shows an abrupt lack of interest […]

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Birmingham Speciatly Training

September 17, 2011 Dream Center in Birmingham 5705 First Ave. North Birmingham, AL 35212 MAP IT Don’t miss out on this FREE Training! Register Online (Only 60 Spaces Available) Mentoring Urban Youth for Life Change Mentoring is a relational experience in which one person (mentor) empowers another (mentee) by a transfer of resources. Who was […]