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Beautiful Calling

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder… This simply means that people find different things beautiful.  For instance, take a Pablo Picasso painting.  One person may think it is the most beautiful piece of art they have ever seen.  Another person may look at it and think looks like a mistake, way too confusing […]

Translation Keyboard

Lost in Translation

    This week, I am traveling to Honduras for a mission trip.  While we are there will be ministering hundreds of children, teenagers and their families.  My team and I have been preparing for weeks – messages, games, bible stories, worship, etc.  You name it, we have thought it through.  There is just one […]


Reproducing Reproducers

There is an old saying that goes, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”  What this simply means is that when you are so deeply engrossed in something, so completely lost within the trees, it is impossible to get a clear view of the bigger picture.  Simply put – you miss what is going […]

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Finally Friday: A Wing & A Prayer

Image by: Plush Studios/Digital Vision/Getty Images                                      ( A Wing and A Prayer  This phrase was first used in WWII. It means just managing to get the job done.  I believe one of the ways we can get […]


Money, Love, Money

Chip, stash, bank roll, Benjamins, C-Notes. Whatever you call it, teenagers love to get & spend money— on concerts, clothes, shoes, food, and of course, music. But when it comes to giving money, the love affair dwindles. Teenage giving should be a priority, not to have money in your budget, rather to teach young people to […]

The Help - Team

The Help: Part Two

This is Part 2 of a series by Lee Wilson on recruiting a great ministry leadership team.   You can read Part 1  here. In the movie, The Help, one of the main characters, Skeeter decides to write a book from the perspective of the African-American maids in her community.  In order to do this, […]

The Help - Team

The Help: Part One

Recently, I went to minister in Kenya, Africa. While taking the longest, most grueling flight from Syracuse, NY to Bungoma, Kenya, I decided to do something I rarely get to do – watch a movie.  And I am so glad that I did.  I ended up watching the award winning film, “The Help.” This movie […]

Church Bus

Hope Help Heaven

Every youth leader knows that the summer is one of the busiest times of the year. Your students are out of school, free for activities and expecting you to provide some amazing programming for them to take part in. How you share the vision for your summer events will determine how involved your students become, […]

First Things First

First Things First

by Pastor Lee Wilson I thought I would take a break from the norm and blog about one of the most important things in youth ministry. It has nothing to do with programs or budgets.  It doesn’t involve camps or big events. I’m talking about marriage. And here’s why. As I reflect on the success […]

31 Flavors

31 Flavors

Ice cream is by far one of my favorite desserts.  There are such a wide variety of toppings and flavors, that each person can literally create their own confectionary masterpiece.  Years ago when I discovered Baskin Robbins, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Here was a store that specialized in inventing dozens […]

Developing Quality Youth Workers

Developing Quality Youth Workers

Every youth leader understands the value of quality youth workers.  We are constantly on the hunt for them, trying to weed them out from the crowds of church attendees we interact with every day. But the truth of the matter is quality leaders aren’t just found, they are developed. And it is our job as […]

Think Small

Think Small

Many of you might look at the title of this article and say, “Think small? Don’t you mean think big?” In our culture today, even in the culture of the church, it is more common to think big than to think small. Many times when people hear the word small, they cast it in a […]

Question Theme

What’s Next for Seniors?

“It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.” – Harvey S. Firestone Every youth pastor understands the challenge they face when students finally become seniors.  They seem to unplug. They complain that the programming is “too young” for them.  There are very few programs they want to connect to.  Let’s face it, […]