Bay Area Leaders: Please Give Blood!

Irene Dias

Irene Dias, a donor of UYWI, is in serious need of blood. Her website ( tells the story behind her illness and gives others opportunity to give blood (or platelets) to help her through this.

Larry Acosta, founder and president of UYWI, is planning on going up to San Francisco on Friday and donating and we would ask our Bay Area network if 25 leaders would step up and give blood to help Irene.

You can donate blood to Irene even if your blood type doesn’t match or if you are unable to travel to UCSF. Simply go to your local blood bank, donate and authorize the CREDIT toward Irene Dias at UCSF. The local blood bank will then credit your unit of blood toward her need.

If you are able to be a blood or blood platelet donor, you can contact Janette Bruffey via email to arrange the details. Thank you for your help!!

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