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Being in urban ministry can leave you tired. And sometimes, you need to hear from a leader like Efrem Smith to be reminded you’re not in this alone:

Maybe like me, you felt today as if the weight of the world was upon you. In your own power you were trying to provide all the answers, take care of all the business, and find time for your family as well Allow God to lighten your load. None of us have the ability in our own might to handle the full load of lifes journey. Find the rest and the strength your soul desires. – from Efrems blog READ MORE >

Efrem’s personal story and professional success is inspiring. He’s not only an accomplished, but humble author and speaker, he’s also the President and CEO of World Impact.

His words are powerful to read, but just wait until you hear him speak:

(We love how he tells the girls they are queens.)

Efrem isn’t just an internationally recognized leader; he’s a life-transformer. But you know what?

So are you. Because urban culture shapes global culture. And you are in there leading kids—day in and day out—impacting their lives. (Read some stories here of others doing that too. READ MORE >)

UYWI knows what you do and how hard you work, which is why we’re bringing Efrem and other powerful speakers to 360our National Conference in Los Angeles this
May, 15-17.
 Don’t miss your chance to hear these speakers, attend valuable workshops, and learn the latest strategies and tools that will help you impact urban youth in your community.

Come to 360LA. Be trained to transform more lives, and be reminded why you do what you do.


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