Best of 2012 Webinars: ABC’s of Building Youth Service

Whether you missed the webinar or just need quick tips for your ministry, this is your chance to access points from The Well’s exclusive webinars. We know you work hard serving our country’s youth. Now let us serve you, with this countdown of our best rated webinars.

Review: #10 “Afflicted But Not Crushed: Building Resiliency in Youth”#9 “Plan 168- Maximizing Your Time”


#8 “The ABC’s of Building a Youth Service” by Freddie O

fred the well

  • Youth departments are becoming too busy with more “stuff.”  We need to teach kids how to slow down and be silent and to trust God in their silence.
  • Rather than scrambling at the last minute and stressing out, put an adult volunteer in charge of different segments of your service and have them prepare a student to take the lead.
  • No matter what you do, find scripture to support what you are doing so it makes your activities “Stick to the soul.”
  • Don’t force  or coax students to sit or stand during worship. You want their worship to be authentic.
  • There should be one common message threaded throughout every area/section of your night.

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