Top 10 Youth Ministry Webinars: Using Media to Connect the Gospel with Urban Culture

Whether you missed the webinar or just need quick tips for your ministry, this is your chance to access points from The Well’s exclusive webinars. We know you work hard serving our country’s youth. Now let us serve you, with this countdown of our best rated webinars.

Review: #10 “Afflicted But Not Crushed: Building Resiliency in Youth”#9 “Plan 168- Maximizing Your Time”#8 “ABC’s of Building Youth Service”


#7 “Using Media to Connect the Gospel with Urban Culture” by Tommy Kyllonen

Corporate profiteers produce and market media for youth audience. The result: Average teens now consume digital media for 72 hours each week and increasingly digest that media online in what the New York Times calls, “Websites Without Rules.” Here are some quick tips for engaging this media driven generation.

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  • If we can harness media for His glory and spread the Gospel, then He can get the shine out of it.
  • Media does not replace the face to face time, its’ just another tool to reach the people
  • Use media to connect with people and paint a picture
  • Use video to introduce, celebrate, promote, teach and share

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