Encylopedia of Youth Ministry Updated

The Encyclopedia of Youth Ministry continues to grow.  Here are just a few articles and pages that have been recently added or updated (3/27/2010).  

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Injustice & Slavery

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One Response to “Encylopedia of Youth Ministry Updated”

  1. Minister Connita R. Hill 03/27/2010 at 3:34 pm #

    I just left the Memphis Reload Conference at Mississippi BLVD Church and all I can say is that next year every teen in my ministry will be there even if I have to pay for it myself!!! It was so worth the time, effort, and money! The youth enjoyed themselves tremendously. I, went with almost empty chambers but indeed was reloaded for the work of the kingdom. I left with enough energy to continue this fight for justice, dignity, and a renewed sense of the same grace that God extended to me for the urban youth that I minister to. Friday with the CCDA and then Saturday with the UYWI was just what I needed.

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