"Episode 3: The Roots of RELOAD" shownotes

EPISODE 3: The Roots of RELOAD

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– it was cold and clear in Columbus when we recorded and then it snowed 4 inches Wednesday morning when Ben was working on shownotes.

RELOAD Los Angeles is this Saturday, March 10th, at Union Rescue Mission, which is next door to where Ben served for 7 years (Central City Community Outreach and Church of the Nazarene, the only church in Skid Row). Thus the reference to URM being in Ben’s old backyard — Ben lived 6 blocks away.

– In the summer of 2004, while Ben, John and Carla were conceptualizing what is now known as RELOAD, Carla threw out the name “iTown” when Ben came up with “RELOAD.” There were several others, but RELOAD stuck.

– UYWI’s RELOAD is not about what happens with a gun.

– Bart Campolo spoke at RELOAD Indianapolis, February 10th, 2007. (see downloadable mp3s of this event)

– John labels himself a “cultural architect”

– RELOAD hit 14 cities with the 04-05 tour, 19 with the 05-06 tour, and will hit 21 total through the current tour which started in Cleveland in September.

RELOAD Chicago was last weekend; RELOAD Detroit will be March 31st.

– Fred Oduyoye came onboard as RELOAD Director at the beginning of the 05-06 tour when we were moving from chaos to clarity.

– Fred would be the “godfather of RELOAD” and John and Ben would be RELOAD’s “forefathers”

– Fred lives in Cincinnati, OH where he had been a youth minister; prior to ministry he was a district sales manager at Smuckers.

– John asked Fred about “Oduyofest” which Fred spoke at and MC Till preformed for. If you’ve been to any RELOADs within driving distance of Cincy, you’ve likely heard MC Till

– check eBay for Oduyofest t-shirts

– John blasts OSU football and the historic loss right in front of 2 Buckeye fans and Ben bit his tongue rather than predict a NCAA Basketball Tourney win. Perhaps all Buckeye fans are still recovering from the events on January 8th.

– Fact: There has never been a “J-loufest”

– Fact: Both John and Ben have a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage.

– RELOAD Los Angeles (3/10), Boston (3/24), Detroit (3/31), Albuquerque (4/14), and Hot-lanta (5/5) are coming up this spring.

– Fred’s favorite workshop memory wasn’t even a workshop (from RELOAD Houston – 2/06). Ben was also there and can attest that Fred’s not lying about this.

– Fred unveils RELOAD Baltimore

– John gets dropped during the Baltimore update likely because his broadband card on his laptop cut out (the reason his voice cuts out frequently).

HOTSEAT with Fred Oduyoye

– Fred liked “Crash” in 05 and “Akeelah and the Bee” in 06
– Fred’s wife got JACK (nada, nothing, nilch) from Fred on Valentine’s Day
– Fred likes watching kids play soccer (John would call this “missionary training” — Fact: John has previously coached his son’s soccer team in AYSO)

– Ben references a JDR quote from SHIFT NOW! posted on Rudy’s blog.
“We’ve bought the lie that young people are the future – they are the present”

– we still need a decent tagline.

– “until next time urban America” (until we get an international subscriber)
– Ben thinks “Peace Out” works particularly because his 2 year old daughter just started saying it this week.

– John’s clothing not provided by “Jordan,” but he wears it anyway.
– Ben’s clothing is provided at cost by Blankshirts.com and stencils he cut himself.

“John & Ben” Intro and extro music is “Rocket” by Dan Eash of the group Modus Tolens.

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