Featured Reload Resource: 20/20 Vision for Schools

by | Apr 9, 2009 | Blog

Watch the 2008-2009 Reload Tour’s 20/20 Vision for Schools Workshop online now.

20/20 Vision for Schools: Transforming Public Education within a Single Generation of Students

“Adults promise children that if they stay in school they will be equipped to succeed in life, but we have failed to make good on that promise for generations — with high school graduation rates in some cities hovering at or below 30%. First-graders in Fall 2008 will graduate high school in 2020. Come explore how urban ministries can transform public education within a single generation of students by activating congregations, adopting schools, and becoming answers to prayer.”

+ Workshop written and presented by Jeremy Del Rio at Reload New York (1/17/09).
+ Download the workshop PowerPoint and lecture notes here.
+ Additional 20/20 Vision for Schools resources are available online here.
+ Recorded by Brian Coday of the National Network of Youth Ministries.


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