Free Indeed: UYWI’s July 4th Freedom Fireworks

UYWI exists because:

  1. We love youth workers.
  2. We love teenagers.
  3. And we especially love youth workers who love teenagers in cities.

Because of an abiding love for urban youth workers, we understand the stresses caused by city life, including ministering to kids in the context of urban poverty. And figuring out how to equip effective ministry with limited, often out-of-pocket budgets for training resources.

That’s why our online digital library is free for all. Not just on Independence Day, but every day.

We invite you to mine over 750 of the best urban youth ministry training resources this year. Supplement your Well subscription, the upcoming 360° conference experience, and 90° certification with free ammunition. Grow your own capacity, and that of your team’s, to lead well.

Here’s how you can use the UYWI Digital Library to customize training solutions for your entire ministry team this year.

First, organize training topics around key developmental areas such as: Character, Leadership, Organization, and Skills.

Second, select trainers and topics that relate to your ministry’s felt needs. For example:

Third, distribute the links to your team, or download the MP3 files to a flash drive and make copies for everybody, for homework listening.

Fourth, schedule monthly staff development time to process the workshop content as a group throughout the year.

Finally, please let us know how the resources bless you by commenting on this blog or in response to particular resources.

Happy Independence Day!

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