I know you were wondering…. but one youth worker asked me recently,

“Is UYWI plan on putting the Soul La De Worship CD on Itunes? I have wanted to purchase it. But because of technology today. Myself like a few others want to purchase it on Itunes. And we were wondering if there is any plan to put that as well as other workshops that I missed online at all.”

and I’ll share with you what I told him (or most of it):

Thanks for your questions. We ARE planning on putting the Worship CD on iTunes. We would have had it up at the same time we started selling them, but it’s on the backburner until we move more of the actual physical units of the CD we have on our shelves. We somehow over-ordered and so we’re trying to sell many more of the physical CDs before we put it on iTunes.

Also, we will be putting some of our UYWI07 workshop online (uywi.org), but we’re in a contract that limits us from putting them online until August 20th. We’ll have 25 of the top rated workshops from this past year available at that point. We’ll also put up at least another 12 of the best workshops on CD to be sold through our RELOAD tour (and should be available from the online store at the end of the month), and then I have probably another 15 or 20 that we’ll add to our resources online later this fall.

Additionally we’ve talked about doing a “First 2 years of Urban Youth Ministry” podcast (since 60+% of our audience are rookies) and include several of our previous conference workshops which would be posted twice monthly. But we’ll have to see if that would be something benefitting the body.

I hope that helps. Let me know if I can help any other way.

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