Having the End in Mind

I ran across a pretty decent article on discipleship by Lacrae (who is slated to perform at UYWI07) on the Reach Records website. Apparently it’s dated too because the article is almost a year old, but it was new to me. It was encouraging and I think it’s a good read if you’d like some inspiration and motivation from a brother and from the Word.

he writes:
“I have learned through the years that by teaching a disciple we should be preparing them to teach others what they learn, not merely trying to make them better Christians or “smarter sinners” as some would say. Paul admonishes Timothy on this idea in 2 Timothy 2:2 … If you’ll notice you have Paul teaching Timothy, Timothy is to then disciple faithful men, and those men will be able to teach others. …So from the beginning we have to have the perspective of reproducing reproducers.

see full article here…

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