Maximize your Well Webinar Experience

Did you know that Urban Youth Workers Institute offers quarterly coaching, monthly webinars, and event and product discounts to members of The Well?

This is the first in a series of blogposts that will explore how to maximize these and other premium training resources at the Well.

Getting the Most out of Webinars

The Well offers regular webinars live online for youth workers to engage national UYWI faculty, leading youth ministry practitioners, and youth culture experts in dialogue around critical issues like character formation, skills development, leadership capacity, and cultural engagement.

Leverage webinar faculty access by sampling past workshops they’ve taught at UYWI national conferences and Reload tours at UYWI’s library of 800 free audio and video downloads. Explore their published writings and blogs, and prepare to engage them in Q&A online.

I’ll Be your Guinea Pig

Next Tuesday at 2pm EST / 11am PT, I will be hosting the “Mission Critical: Transforming a Generation One School at a Time” webinar live at The Well. Register today to insure your participation.

In advance of the webinar, I recommend experiencing UYWI’s FREE Reload 08/09 seminar “20/20 Vision for Schools: Transforming Public Education within a Single Generation of Students” (download the workshop MP3, PowerPoint slides, or watch the video). Also take advantage of the free case studies and other downloadable resources from 20/20 Vision for Schools.

Then log onto the webinar prepared with questions, including your best ideas for how to engage public schools in meaningful advocacy and service.

Hope to see you at The Well!

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