Motivational Monday: Free Social Media Trainings

Social Media Experts Training Non-Profits for FREE this Week!

Our 90° Certification cohorts are getting some awesome tips over the next 2-weeks from social media guru Ben Eash. So, we’ve decided to lend a hand to those of you who aren’t enrolled in 90° but still need help in this area.

We know it’s a big deal when major news outlets are turning to facebook, twitter, blogs, and vblogging (video-blogs) to stay in the game. Don’t get left behind just because your non-profit budget won’t allow high-end training. A simple online search for free tips and webinars might just be your ticket for keeping up with the big guys!

In fact, you can take advantage of two free webinars this week:

  1. Google+ and Google+ Hangouts for Nonprofits
  2. The Science of Facebook Marketing

There’s no shame in sticking with a tight budget just like there’s no excuse for missing out on free training opportunities.

2 Responses to “Motivational Monday: Free Social Media Trainings”

  1. Pablo Otaola 10/01/2012 at 2:55 pm #


    I’m not able to attend this webinar. Any way that it will be available to watch after this? Will it be recorded? I’m a WELL member.


  2. Julie Herrick 10/01/2012 at 3:01 pm #

    Hi Pablo, These webinars are being hosted by outside groups, not affiliated with UYWI. We shared them because we thought you might find them useful. Neither of their websites mention whether or not the webinars will be recorded, but I’d encourage you to click the links and contact the hosts directly to find out.

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