Reload 1.2.3 Featured Workshops: FREE

So you’ve watched the Reload 1.2.3 general sessions and waited with baited breath for the featured workshops to be posted online as well. Wait no more.

For more information on Reload 1.2.3, the first multi-state, multi-site urban youth ministry training event in the country that featured adult youth workers and more than sixty “plus-1 proteges” that occurred in New York and New Jersey on June 12, 2010, visit the Reload 1.2.3 homepage.

Featured Workshop 1: “Student-Led Student Ministry: Pipe Dream or Possible?”

It’s trendy for youth ministers to say, “Youth ministry is not about ministering to youth, but about empowering youth to minister,” but what does youth-led youth ministry actually look like? Experience youth ministry by young people as NYC students discuss recent student-led ministry models including God Belongs in My City, Kickin’ It Old Skool, Generation Xcel, and World Vision’s Youth Empowerment Project.

Facilitated by Enid Almanzar (Avenue of Hope Fellowship, Manhattan) and featuring student leaders: Eden Martinez (Abounding Grace Ministries, Manhattan), Johnny Navarro (No Limits International Church, Staten Island), Vanessa Medina (God Belongs in My City, Brooklyn), and Christopher Cortes (World Vision Youth Empowerment Project, Bronx)

Student-Led Student Ministry: Pipe Dream or Possible? from UYWI on Vimeo.

Featured Workshop 2: “Youth Ministry Beyond the Walls: Overcoming Injustices and Rebuilding Communities”

“I the Lord love justice” (Isaiah 61:8). How then can youth ministries lead the struggle to overcome injustices such as poverty, crime, institutionalization, and educational inequity that conspire everyday against urban youth and erode urban communities? What role can youth ministries play in restoring the shalom of our cities by advocating for and manifesting Biblical justice in the communities beyond our church walls?

Featuring Ruben Austria and Rachel Carrion, Community Connections for Youth

Youth Ministry Beyond the Walls: Overcoming Injustices and Rebuilding Communities” from UYWI on Vimeo.

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