Reload 1.2.3 Student Trainer Testifies Before Congress

Meet Rachel Carrion, Board Member of Community Connections for Youth and “Plus-1” protege of Ruben Austria. Rachel recently testified before Congress regarding the challenges girls face in New York State’s juvenile justice system.

Rachel and Ruben will co-lead the featured workshop, “Youth Ministry Beyond the Walls: Overcoming Injustices and Rebuilding Communities” at Reload 1.2.3 in New York and New Jersey on June 12. They describe their session:

“I the Lord love justice” (Isaiah 61:8). How then can youth ministries lead the struggle to overcome injustices such as poverty, crime, institutionalization, and educational inequity that conspire everyday against urban youth and erode urban communities? What role can youth ministries play in restoring the shalom of our cities by advocating for and manifesting Biblical justice in the communities beyond our church walls?

As a featured workshop, Beyond the Walls be be live in the Bronx and simulcast to the venues in Manhattan and New Jersey — meaning no matter where you experience Reload 1.2.3 you can hear more of Rachel’s story and even engage with her during the session using technology like Twitter, text message questions, and live surveys.

You’ll meet lots of Plus-1 proteges at Reload 1.2.3. Plus-1’s are emerging student leaders who have been empowered by their adult mentors and the Reload 1.2.3 Host Committee to demonstrate real leadership on June 12. Every adult involved in the Reload 1.2.3 program, whether as speakers, worship leaders, or trainers, will integrate Plus-1 proteges into the program in an attempt to model what students empowered for ministry actually look like.

Thanks, Rachel, for showing the way!

June 8 is the last chance to pre-register for Reload 1.2.3 online at a discount. Register today.

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