Simmons wants "B", "H", "N" bleeped


Russell Simmons was on Oprah last week (Oprah Show Town Hall) with a panel of hip hop execs/rappers talking about the Don Imus controversy and the larger effect negative words have on African American women. This week, he’s backing up his feelings on the subject by recommending eliminating the “B-word”, the “N-word” and the word “ho” from the recording industry. Specifically, he asks that those words are voluntarily removed/bleeped/deleted from hip-hop music. This is a remarkable changed from his statement made April 13th that in hip-hop some words are uncomfortable to hear, but his job isn’t to censor. The Imus controversy changed all that and now social responsibility mandates a change to affect youth culture and to a large part the African American community.

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One Response to “Simmons wants "B", "H", "N" bleeped”

  1. Chris Brooks 04/24/2007 at 9:46 am #

    Wow. Hypocrisy 101.

    This dude has built an empire on the word “NIGGA,” and NOW he wants to act pious…come on Russ. You made your chip baby – own your real views.

    Peace, CB

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