South Central Urban Coalition and Sex Education

by | Jun 21, 2007 | Blog

it was an amazing time this last monday night at the south central/downtown urban coalition. we had 12 different leaders from ministries in the area. i think i was most encouraged by the amount of people who lived in the community as well. it was a great buzz as they each were sharing where they live. we were even joined by the “michael mata“. he was in town for a few days and lives in koreatown and stopped into value community and meet some people who also love his community. here a few of the highlights of the meeting.

  1. pete watts shared a great story of hope about 100% of the kids graduating from his school who are enrolled at 4 years schools, community college or a trade school with 1 million dollars in scholarships awarded.
  2. we had three people answer these three questions. a. what talents and or gifts do you bring to the community? b. what ministry question or problem keeps you awake at night? c. where would you take someone from outside south central to see a sign of hope?
  3. the room consisted of asian, black, hispanic and white leaders.
  4. eric, a high school student that volunteers with world impact chased my two kids around for two and a half hours and i heard was a great lesson on sex education. quoting susie kook, “i don’t think he will want to be a daddy anytime soon.” thanks eric for watching my boys. they had a great time.

if you missed it, we are planning to be back together in the area soon at pete watts new school opening in september. i hope this will spark your interest if your in one of our other areas that have coalition meetings coming up. – john lewis


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