Sweet Dating Skills


I love Napoleon Dynamite. I saw it and saw it again and laughed and laughed. Now this was a few years ago.. when it came out and was far more relevant. Just today, I ran across a “dating” series from globalyouthministry.org using references to the characters from ND and it’s kind of Kara Powell’s Good Sex meets ND. There are even a few “sketches” which although far from the original, are amusing and draw you in out of intrigue, the familiarity of the ND music, and some of that humor which reminds me a bit of something from a Christopher Guest film.

After listening to and reading some of the resources presented here, I do think that it could be used in an urban/multi-ethnic setting assuming that your students are familiar with ND and relate to the movie. Most junior high and high school students are interacting with members of the opposite sex and want a better understanding of what some Sweet Dating Skills might be. Someone obviously spent some time working on this, and you may as well take advantage of it, even if you may need to alter it a bit to fit your particular group of kids.

link: Sweet Dating Skills, by Mark Hall and Regan Farris, from Eagles Landing First Baptist Church

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