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From The Editor

God is doing a new thing or maybe it’s an old thing but we are finally listening! God is bringing together Hispanic youth leaders to share their strengths and to elevate the view and effectiveness of Hispanic youth ministry! In an attempt to “fan into flame” this work of God, a Hispanic Youth Ministry Network […]

Small Groups Saved My Ministry

BY ROGER FELIPE Three years ago I was wrestling with my future. I felt trapped between my aspirations to lead a church as a senior pastor and continuing to minister to the youth in my church. I also felt direction-less. Our youth ministry had programs and ministries, but not a vision to set the course. […]

Interview with Jesse Miranda

BY WENDY CALDERON SHOUT: What are the key issues facing the Hispanic church? MIRANDA: Leadership! As leadership developers, we need to be more concerned about building character in our leaders; and leaders need to be more concerned about being men and women of character. Holistic leaders. Pastors who are relational, but who also have the […]

Influencing the Influencers

BY LARRY ACOSTA THE HISPANIC MINISTRY CENTER HOSTS THE NATIONAL HISPANIC YOUTH WORKERS SUMMIT Leadership seems to be the buzz word of the 90’s. Ministries and organizations seem to rise and fall based on leadership. We at the Hispanic Ministry Center believe that one of the most significant investments that we can make is in […]

Pastor Gadget

BY MAX TORRES In the society we live in today, we always seem to be human doings instead of human beings. So what’s the answer to this dilemma, you might ask? Get another gadget! YOU NEED A COMPUTER! Think of what you could do: – Type your sermon notes – Create flyers – Maintain an […]

Reaching Hispanic Gen X

BY RUDY CARRASCO Christian leaders burdened with ministry to Hispanic youth must solve the riddle of Hispanic Generation X. By Hispanic Generation X, I refer to Hispanics living in the United States born between 1961 and 1981. I realize that Gen. X is not just about an age, but rather it’s really about an attitude, […]