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Reload 1.2.3 Webcast Videos: FREE

What? You missed Reload 1.2.3? Never heard of a “Plus-1“? No worries. The general session videos are now available to watch online for FREE, and the featured workshops are coming soon. Enjoy the general sessions here. Special thanks to our local Reload 1.2.3 sponsors American Bible Society, Nyack College Manhattan Campus, the YouthWorks Foundation, and […]

Reload 1.2.3 Featured Workshops: FREE

So you’ve watched the Reload 1.2.3 general sessions and waited with baited breath for the featured workshops to be posted online as well. Wait no more. For more information on Reload 1.2.3, the first multi-state, multi-site urban youth ministry training event in the country that featured adult youth workers and more than sixty “plus-1 proteges” […]

Michelle Rhee

Willow Creek Leadership Summit Features UYWI Partner

The Willow Creek Association’s Global Leadership Summit features UYWI partner ministry 20/20 Vision for Schools this week. Summit speaker Michelle Rhee (former Schools Chancellor of Washington, DC, and founder of Children First) will explore how educational inequity robs inner city children of the skills necessary to complete college, compete in an information economy, or even […]

Protest and Invest-Statement...Eviction Controversy

Protest and Invest: Statement on the NYC School/Church Eviction Controversy

Today’s post from Jeremy Del Rio is republished from his 20/20 Vision for Schools blog post.  Urban Youth Workers Institute is praying with the churches, pastors and congregations of New York City in their struggle to keep access to their church meeting spaces. MEDIA ADVISORY January 12, 2012 Contact: Jeremy Del Rio (347) 921-4426 20/20 Vision for […]

Why Loving Young People...City Living

Why Loving Young People is like City Living

Greetings from Brooklyn, New York, the most populous borough in New York City. Birthplace of Jay-Z and the integration of Major League Baseball. And site of the largest battle of the Revolutionary War. If Brooklyn were its own city, it would be the fourth largest in America. My name is Jeremy Del Rio and I’m an addict — if you can call young people an addiction.  […]