Top 10 Youth Ministry Webinars: “Maximizing Your Time”

Your Insider’s Glance at The WELL’s “Best of 2012 Webinars”

Whether you missed the webinar or just need quick tips for your ministry, this is your chance to access points from The Well’s exclusive webinars. We know you work hard serving our country’s youth. Now let us serve you, with this countdown of our best rated webinars.

Review: #10 “Afflicted But Not Crushed: Building Resiliency in Youth” by Amy Pearson


The Countdown Continues….

#9 “Plan 168- Maximizing Your Time” by Anthony Flynn

  1. Time is a precious commodity and should be invested wisely.
  2. Most people are engulfed in the flames of someone else’s agenda. You find yourself meeting someone else’s demands and obligations instead of your own personal desires, wills, and ultimately the passions God placed inside of you.
  3. If you were able to have all of your personal and family NEEDS met as well as a significant portion of your personal and family DESIRES, how would life be different for you?
  4. Minutes wasted are minutes expired! You can never retrieve them. Moments, however, will be with you always. Turn your  precious minutes into moments that will be remembered forever. 

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