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Tycean pulled through the second surgery on May 4th in his typical fashion. He was in, out, eating and back asleep by 11:30 am! However, the nerve block (used to control pain in surgery) wore off. That Friday and Saturday were very long days.

Tycean was in pain, irritable and restless. He grunted with every breath to let us know of his discomfort. We felt helpless. But we experienced a miracle Saturday evening when he made a turnaround. It’s a long story… The short version is, I reached my ropes emotional end. We walked out of ICU around 7 pm and I finally cried out. We later found out that was about the time Tycean made a complete turnaround. As Bobby said, God heard my cry for our child.

We were discharged on May 8th, also Bobby’s birthday. As you can imagine, there was no better gift for him to receive. We just got back from a follow up doctors appointment. He’s doing really well. We just keep him away from large crowds for a couple of weeks.

His cardiologist is not the least bit surprised that he flew through the open heart surgery. They actually expect more discomfort from the second surgery than the open heart surgery. He continues to be our miracle. Jadyn is just as much of a fighter as her baby brother. She spent every day at the hospital, being handed off to a number of different people, shuffled to a number of different places.

We’ve said it a number of times and we will continue to say it; Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for telling us your stories about how you have shared Tycean’s life with others. We know this little 6 month old is being used to change lives. He won’t remember what he has been through so far, but he will know the way he has impacted lives through his testimony. And he will use those stories to change the Kingdom. Thank you for being in his life.

– Bobby, Kimi, Jadyn and Tycean Martin

link: Prayer T.E.A.M. website

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  1. Jaye Samson 06/18/2007 at 1:56 pm #

    Thanks for the encouraging update. What a great story and photo as well. I keep Tycean’s photo by my computer to remember to pray for him always. God is so good!

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