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by | Feb 8, 2007 | Blog

I know several of you have been praying, and I wanted to make sure you had an update from the Martins themselves:


Family and friends
We apologize that it’s been a while since our last update. We left you the day we were told that Tycean was going back into the hospital for a cardiac catheterization. The procedure was very successful. We were discharged December 21 and were able to be home as a family for the holidays.

Since then, Tycean has been doing great. At his follow up appointment on January 8, our cardiologist said the right side of his heart is pumping “wonderfully” and the blood flow through the aortic arch looks “pristine” and is one of the best she’s seen. He weighed in at 8.5 lbs. He was born at 7 and lost over a pound during his hospital stay. The night before his doctor’s appointment, his feeding tube came out.

But because he gained weight so well and was able to take his meds orally rather than through his ng tube, we didn’t have to put it back in. At two months of age, we were finally able to enjoy our son tube free, wire free and IV free.

We will continue monthly cardiology appointments until his second surgery, which will be sometime this summer.

We continue to thank God for your prayers, encouragement, cards, emails, and meals. We have learned and are continuing to be reminded that we are not in this alone. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who are helping us raise this fighter. I wish we could convey the number of people who have been affected by Tycean. People across the world have been praying for him and asking about him. Our community has expanded far beyond our imagination. We look into his eyes and see a beautiful and strong spirit. Please continue to lift him up. His greatest challenge now is to put on weight and survive the “love” of his big sister!

We will keep you updated. Our dear friend Joyce has been kind enough to create a T.E.A.M page. Thank you Auntie Joyce. here’s the link


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