Updates to the Encyclopedia of Youth Ministry

by | Jun 30, 2010 | Blog, Resources

Here are just a few of the new or recently updated articles and resource pages in the Encyclopedia of Youth Ministry:

Education:  What causes schools to fail?

Religion:  Can the decline of faith among youth empower churches?

An updated Youth Ministry Resources Page, with two new great resources for those looking for training in Youth Ministry:

Updated bullying resource page:

New “health care” topic and overview page:  Universal health care or increased debt?

Nigerian Youth:  What causes violence?

How can we help youth adequately deal with grief?

“Crime/Criminal Justice” programs:  Does the DYS work?

Uganda and Homosexuality:  How far should we go to uphold Biblical principles?

Bullying Overview:  What is bullying and how can we respond to it?

A new bullying intervention program:  How can teens help counteract bullying?

Why must bullying be stopped?

“Subcultures”:  How far will teens go to express themselves?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Updated resources page under the topic Troubled Youth:

Cyberbullying:   Is Technology Hurting our Youth?

What is Urban Youth Violence?

A Model of Program for Fighting Youth Violence:   Is Rehabilitation An Alternative to Prison?

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