What's the strategy?

The following question was emailed from Concerts of Prayer Greater New York to Jeremy after the “Mooks, Midriffs …” presentation at the Greater New York Pastors Prayer Summit.

“Now I’d like to see how we can reach young people online; what are some strategies and programs that have been successful with such a plugged-in generation?”

Jeremy posted his first attempt at an incomplete answer here.  What do you think?


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  1. Kevin Bright 02/02/2007 at 9:07 am #

    I believe if we begin to share our own shortcomings, not be afraid to share the entirety of our testimonies, and put it in a place where there is no division between what we decide is good and bad…young people need truth, and it must come from those of us who are to leave them something they can build from that’s not just a clever strategy, but truly giving them the mind of God, which is the holy spirit.

    Without the mind of Christ, we cannot hope to strategize anything that will last. Holiness is not just how long u can pray, but natural things are neglected. Doin’ what’s right in God’s sight. Morals…values…the heart of God. Not being afraid to be wrong, or admit shortcomings and mistakes…but using understanding and knowledge, which results in wisdom, which is not always age based. A place to reason together. Talking with them, not just to them…in an online environment. That would be phenomenal.
    All welcome. Not just churched. Not just what’s safe. Christ was radical, but meek. Can’t drink water out of a glass with holes!
    No one benefits that way. Let’s get away from just formulating programs, and really talk with young folk…hear their heart on things. Yeah, u need order, but you also need to have the ability to listen. Hearing them right where they are.
    Not sure if this answers anything…just what’s in my heart to say.
    In Christ.

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