You've got to love inexpensive resources like this.

Urban and Multiethnic Outreach, Vol. 1 by Rodolpho Carrasco
Obviously Rudy’s a good friend of ours and we’ve known about this book for some time, but we’ve never given it recognition on the site, so I figured now would be the time as folks are out there looking for resources.

This is how the description reads:

The seven articles in this volume stimulate Biblically based reflection on urban and multiethnic outreach. Use this book with your small group, church, ministry, mission team, or interns, or for individual reflection. Chapters include “Protest and Invest,” “Quadruple Consciousness,” “Summers With Jamaal,” “You Make The Road As You Walk,” “A Christmas Wish for the Undocumented,” “Mexico, Macro-economics, and Youth Ministry,” and “Living with a Modern-day Nebuchadnezzar.”

here’s a preview.

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