90 Degrees Certification Class Graduates

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Partner Blog

90 Degrees provided me with relevant training for my ministry. We had a 12 year old boy from a single-parent home that would skip school and cuss all the time. His mother was not around as much and he did not have a father figure. He’d see his siblings get picked up by their dads and he’d be left behind. This made him into an angry boy. He had told us that he would love to go out into the country and ride on horses and four wheelers. We took the boy to go visit the ranch and he was so excited. The ranch owners offered to mentor the boy and give him monthly horse-riding lessons. They showed him love and that totally changed his life. His grades have improved and he loves the Lord. Morgan Paddock, The Dream Campaign, GA

I was humbled by the quality of the courses and the tools I have received from the program have rocked my ministry. The course “Excellence in Ministry” has changed our youth ministry for the better. After that class, God spoke to me to make ministry changes that have impacted the children and youth in our community. I have gained so much wisdom from this cohort of leaders. Jason Evans, Youth Pastor, Judson Baptist, San Bernardino, CA

My 90 Degrees Certification Ministry Action Plan has provided a roadmap for us to more effectively provide worship, group learning, discipleship, outreach, biblical teaching, training, leadership and serving opportunities. We conducted our first Missions trip which included evangelism and food distribution. Our goal in the next two years is to send more students to evangelism mission trips. Jess Ruggles, Youth Pastor, Inside Out Student Ministries, Sunland, CA

The 90 Degrees Certification has helped me to develop a Ministry Action Plan on relational evangelism that includes urban and foreign missions, service projects, school ministries and “in-house” ministries. We will also focus on mentorship and community growth. Marvin Barrera, Ministerios Manantial de Amor, Youth Pastor, Los Angeles, CA

The kids we serve lack good adult models, they deal with gangs, teen identity issues and mostly come from single-parent homes. Our biggest challenge in our ministry is recruiting and maintaining mentors to invest in our youth. The 90 Degrees Certification program has equipped me with resources and knowledge to identify strategies that will work for our ministry, encouraged me to remain faithful to this calling, and equipped me to be a more effective leader. I can better articulate our mission and this has helped me to get more people on board on what we’re doing. Kyndal Tawzer, CrossTrainers Mentoring Program, Athens, GA,

The 90° Certification Program has taught me to be more intentional, strategic and relevant when serving urban youth. Jason Caine, Youth Director, Elizabeth Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

My biggest ministry challenge is obtaining permission by school administrators to be on the school campus. I’m launching a ministry and the 90° Certification Program has helped me think through the process in setting up a structure that can grow and develop as the culture changes. Jared Dawson, Student Venture- Cru Downtown Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

My goal in joining the 90 Degrees was to become better equipped at helping other ministry leaders build thriving and sustainable ministries.  I have learned to combine my knowledge, gifts, passion, and experience to create an organization focused on helping the urban church adapt to the ever changing culture without abandoning traditional values. Cynthia White, Forward Focused Ministries, Atlanta, GA



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