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Coming into UYWI, Shuree was broken and had given up on the Church. With the Church creating a hostile environment and racial tension, UYWI leaders came alongside of Shuree in love. Our team stood with Shuree in the breaking and the healing. Healing comes with changes, and this change leads to transitioning Shuree to lean into where she is being called to lead. Come join and support Shuree in her launching of 4KMore Creative Agency. We are so excited to see what plans God has for her and our team will support her along the way. We are so proud of you, Shuree. You are so loved.


Meet Rescue a Generation (RAG) through their thriving ministry, RAG is life coaching over 1000 students across 4 different school districts in 23 different schools and counting. RAG knowing that they can be to a student, what they needed when they were kids, is what fuels their mission. When RAG steps into schools they see "Kids Like Us" who need role models. Through RAG'S Success Clubs they are helping kids bypass the negative traps that could destroy their future.


Video Games, Anime, & Pop Culture-- these things that were once mocked & vilified as a subculture have now become the culture, connecting millions of youth across the globe. Unfortunately, the Church has been on the bench. That is why we created Developing Digital Disciples Pt. 1. This resource equips the Church with the tools to enter the digital mission field and to empower their youth to become digital disciples, without ever leaving the house!


Will Cumby is from down in Houston Texas. He’s the youth pastor at The Fountain of Praise, also a Devos Urban Leadership Initiative grad and in partnership with them, is leading ten networks of urban youth leaders across the country as our National Networks coordinator. What Will is doing for youth and for youth workers in Houston is unsurmountable and we hope you see that in this mini-doc. So without further ado, please watch & enjoy!


Donna and Devo Martin are Certification Program grads and dedicated Urban Allies who dropped everything to commit their lives to do urban youth ministry and disciple urban youth in a city that dearly needs them. Watch and listen to their story through a series of photos we took to capture the faces they impact, the work they do for them, and the environment and community where they are doing this Kingdom work. STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. to the Martin's story.


Karen Yac is one of UYWI’s most beloved community members. She’s a UYWI Certification Grad recipient and a dedicated Urban Ally supporting other youth workers like herself doing the same. Today, we are so proud and excited to tell her story of who she is and the work she accomplishes for her youth and the Kingdom, alongside her wonderful husband Tony. Get yourself situated because it’s time to STOP.LOOK.LISTEN to Karen Yac’s story.


To celebrate the launch of this highly exclusive and highly-personable program as part of our overall leadership process, we created a photo essay to help you get to know the big brain and even bigger heart behind NXT LVL, Mr. Angel Ruiz, our Coaching Center Director and former Vice President of Young Life Los Angeles. Now, get yourself situated and turn off the distractions because it’s time to STOP.LOOK.LISTEN to Angel’s story and his drive behind our newly-minted NXT LVL program.


You’ve witnessed how God has been working in the lives of urban youth workers Eric & Shawana Myhre in “Rock Steady.” Now, let's take a look at their lives from a different lens. Check out the third installment of our photo essay series called “STOP. LOOK. LISTEN.”


You’ve witnessed the inspiring work of urban youth worker Bobby Lopez in our mini-documentary, “La Raza.” Now, let's take a look at his story from a different lens. Check out the second installment of our photo essay series called “STOP. LOOK. LISTEN.”

La Raza

Bobby is an indigenous leader serving youth in the community of East L.A, an area that is historically violent, notorious for gangs, and prevalent with drugs. He represents so many of the youth workers UYWI serves.

We encourage you to view this mini-documentary through the lenses of these youth workers and the work we do in training and resourcing leaders to #DoTheWork in their neighborhoods.


You’ve witnessed the inspiring work of urban youth worker Javier Reyes in our mini-documentary, "Black Boy Joy" (below). But now it’s time to look at Jav’s story from a different angle and through a different medium—photography. ⁣

Further depicting Javier’s life as an urban youth worker and the societal plagues of his environment, check out the debut installment of our photo essay series called “STOP. LOOK. & LISTEN.”

Javier Reyes - "BLACK BOY JOY"

This mini-documentary captures phenomenal Urban Youth Worker Javier Reyes who works on the streets of San Francisco. Javier delivers hope in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, and innocent youth being gunned down in the streets.

Vanessa Cruz

This mini-documentary captures phenomenal Urban Youth Worker Vanessa Cruz. In this particular film, Vanessa helps care for an immigrant family by providing the children meals and prayer support, as the parents deal with complicated immigration matters.


We come alongside urban youth workers to host events that impact their youth. FIERCE 2019 event helped girls learn how high they can fly!

90 Degrees Urban Ministry Certification

We currently work with 7273 Urban Youth workers that are in our leadership process. We want that number to double in the next 5 years. We will do that with leadership tools like our 90 Degrees Certification program.

Connect to the UYWI family of like-minded leaders.

By connecting with us you will become part of a thriving community of leaders who share a passion to see the lives of urban youth impacted with the Gospel; a community who understands your context and your struggles; we get you, because we are you.

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