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Become an Urban Ally, a monthly Resource Partner, and help us provide the networks, resources, and programs urban leaders need to reach more youth with the Gospel. 

It only takes ONE to make a difference!

As an Urban Ally, your support fuels a movement of urban leaders. Your monthly gift provides resources and training to youth leaders so that urban youth have the discipleship they need to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Urban Allies are those that give $25 or more each month or a total annual gift of $5,000 or more.


On average, it costs $150 per year for 1 leader to get resourced and developed in 1 of 5 areas of our development process. Your $25 dollar monthly donation can engage approximately 50 urban youth with the Gospel.

Choose your monthly gift amount and see the impact you can make in the lives of urban youth across the country.

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1.2 Million Young people are leaving the church every year. We are facing an incredible urgency to reach the next generation! We believe that it is through the efforts of urban youth workers — who lead and disciple urban youth — that we can reverse the flow of young people leaving the church.

Your support will make it possible for thousands of leaders to network, receive training and resources, and most importantly increase their capacity and impact to engage urban youth.