Urban Allies play a vital role in reaching this next generation with the Gospel. 

As a monthly giving partner, you will support the development of the next generation of leaders so that urban youth have the role models they need to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your gift of just $25 dollars a month will develop 2 urban leaders and engage approximately 80 urban youth with the Gospel each year – providing a lifetime of change!

Vanessa Cruz

Vanessa Cruz

UYWI Certification Program graduate & LA Certification Cohort Co-Leader
“UYWI is crucial to leaders like myself because it provides a network of youth workers all across the nation an opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about transforming this next generation, and they resource us to grow in our leadership abilities while being in a place where our voices are heard and advocated for."


On average, it costs $150 per year for 1 leader to be developed within our leadership development strategy. Your $25 dollar monthly gift can engage approximately 80 urban youth with the Gospel each year.

Choose your monthly gift amount to see the impact you can make in the lives of urban youth across the country. I want to become a monthly partner, click here.

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Impact 2 leaders & engage 80 youth with the Gospel

Impact 4 leaders & engage 160 youth with the Gospel

Impact 8 leaders & engage 320 youth with the Gospel

Karen Yac

Karen Yac

UYWI Certification Program graduate & Urban Ally
“I want this organization to always be around so that if any of my kids and my future generations are called to be youth workers, I have peace of mind that I know they can connect to UYWI."


Join the Urban Ally Community serving approximately 7,800 youth and growing!

It is the goal of Fuel Networks to encourage and empower leaders to build networks within their local communities.

FN Cities

Over the next 5 years, your monthly gift will help to develop 735 leaders impacting approximately 29,400 youth throughout 30 cities across our nation.

Our Urban Allies, through monthly commitments of $25 or more, ensure Fuel Network Leaders are provided with the training and development they need to:

  • Transforming young lives with the Gospel
  • Fuel a movement of urban leaders who lead generations of youth
  • Restore and rebuilding broken communities globally 

Learn more about Fuel Networks.

William Cumby

William Cumby

UYWI National Fuel Networks Director
“UYWI brought me into a community of leaders that wanted to share resources, share stories, and save generations of youth. I was on the edge of quitting when UYWI provided the energy, tools, and community to do what I love and to become better."


When you become an Urban Ally, we offer the following in response to your generosity:

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  • Receive updates via Weekly CEO emails
  • Get a First Look at What’s Happening at UYWI

Be Part of Something Bigger

  • Join CEO for Monthly Prayer
  • Volunteer & Ambassador Opportunities

Receive Insider Exclusives

  • UYWI Swag
  • VIP Access and/or Exclusive Access to UYWI In-Person and Virtual Events 
  • Receive Special Notes & Calls from UYWI Staff

Our Urban Allies are fueling a movement toward the restoration and rebuilding of our communities. Join us and transform our nation with the Gospel.