Go B.I.G. with us! Help us to build, invest and grow the next generation of urban leaders by providing tools, training, coaching, and networks to reach more youth with the Gospel.

As we head into the final months of 2023, we invite you to Go B.I.G. with us–Build, Invest, and Grow. We want to reach more youth with the Gospel in 2024! Our goal is to raise $650,000 to sow, cultivate, and grow urban leaders that will reach more youth with the Gospel in 2024. Your support will help us sow Fuel Networks in more cities, cultivate impactful resources for leaders, and grow new UYWI Certification Program cohorts.


2023 Annual Report

Here’s a look at what UYWI, along with you, our partners, and leaders, accomplished in 2023.

We are grateful for God’s faithfulness and your prayer and support through this impactful year. We invite you to join us as we continue to develop urban leaders so that urban youth have the role models they need to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Tommy Nixon
Chief Executive Officer

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