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At UYWI, we want to ensure urban youth workers across everywhere are equipped not only with the tools to reach youth in urban communities, but the knowledge of the contexts and issues they are doing ministry within. From topics like gentrification, gang violence, or even quick tips about leadership, delve into our articles to become a well-informed urban youth leader, prepared for what’s ahead.

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Queens Fuel Network Leader

KEVIN LAPIERRE FUEL NETWORK LEADER NYC, NEW YORK KEVIN LAPIERRE As the New York City Fuel Network embraces the winds of change, we are thrilled to present our newest leader,...
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Fueling The Future

JAY ENGLISH CO-CAMPUS PASTOR AT JOURNEY CHURCH BEACH PARK "Jay English is leading the way in connecting passionate people who are ready to solve the unique challenges of urban youth...
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Do Not Grow Weary, Youth Leader

Article By: Jordan Francis Leading people is an absolute grind. Sometimes it can feel like you are putting in a lot of work to see very little return in the...
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A Heart to Serve, the Courage to Lead, and a Calling to Stay

A HEART TO SERVE, THE COURAGE TO LEAD, AND A CALLING TO STAY Andy Fierro , Program Marketing Manager Meet Andy Fierro! An empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted individual who has...
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From the Next Generation to the Now Generation

FROM THE NEXT GENERATION TO THE NOW GENERATION Kaitlyn Estevez , Youth Director at Revive Church Kaitlyn lives in San Pedro, California, and is a former student and now the...
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Open Hands: Noemi Chavez leads Women in Urban Ministry

OPEN HANDS: NOEMI CHAVEZ LEADS WOMEN IN URBAN MINISTRY Noemi Chavez , Lead Pastor at Revive Church Noemi Chavez's radiant smile glows brightly when she talks about the transformative opportunities...
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Fueling the Future

FUELING THE FUTURE: UYWI IS DRIVING CONNECTION AND ENGAGING YOUTH LEADERS FOR CHANGE Jay English, Co-Campus Pastor at Journey Church Beach Park It was Jay English's bright and bold personality,...
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Then and Now: UYWI a living testament to “whole person” ministry

THEN & NOW: UYWI A LIVING TESTAMENT TO "WHOLE PERSON" MINISTRY Jeremy Del Rio, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Thrive Collective I was eight years old, walking the streets of...
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30 Years, Decades of Impact

"We believe that it is through the efforts of urban youth workers - who lead and disciple urban youth - that the tide of disinterest in following Christ will change."...
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What’s Happening in the Certification Program

The UYWI Certification program, formerly known as 90 Degrees, after a brief hiatus in 2020, relaunched in the Fall of 2021.  The program is a year-long journey for leaders and...
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Trauma-informed care and focus on mental health in youth ministry

The Church has been a central component in the lives of youth for generations, and for good reason. As research shows, a young person's faith can be a protective factor...
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Youth and ministry 411: Why is youth ministry so important for our collective future?

Urban areas are growing quickly, and with the growing population comes a larger demand for good leadership and discipleship, which is why youth and ministry go hand-in-hand.  Youth and ministry,...
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