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Well, not exactly. It's actually better than that. Our mission has and always will be, to develop urban leaders who reach and disciple urban youth who shape the future of the church. But that doesn't mean we should do all things youth ministry related. Often our mission is best accomplished through strategic partnerships. We know our lane and fundamentally believe in platforming those who are doing it better.


With that said, we couldn't be more excited to announce our partnership with Reframe Youth, created and founded by Jordan Francis. Reframe is an urban youth ministry curriculum aimed at challenging the status quo and equipping today's youth pastors with a resource that's anything but generic. GenZ-centric and informed by a commitment to both cultural relevance and biblical fidelity, Reframe is putting the youth ministry curriculum space on notice...and UYWI is behind them 100%


Reframe Version 3 is on the horizon, but don't let that stop you from checking out v1 and v2! You can visit their website below to learn more about this essential evolution in youth ministry curriculum. We can't wait to hear how this partnership blesses your ministry.



Founder & CEO of Reframe.
Studied Marriage & Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary Arizona, and a DVULI Alumni.

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Highly effective leaders in youth ministry must be continuous, lifelong learners.

Because we believe highly effective leaders in youth ministry must be continuous, lifelong learners, we created the UYWI Leadership Library. All access FREE of charge! All you need to do is register. In our Library, you will learn about practical urban ministry and leadership from seasoned urban youth worker practitioners. You will also find a variety of Tools, Tips, and Takeaways that supply you with best practices from youth ministry experts and gain access to our Discipleship Toolkit in both English and Spanish to help you spark spiritual conversations with your youth.

We’ve even curated General Sessions from our UYWI National Conferences where you can learn from some of the best leaders and communicators in Urban Leadership and Youth Ministry. So whether you are just starting in Urban youth ministry or you are a veteran sharpening your leadership skills, we have resources to help you become the leader that God created you to be.

Register FREE for the UYWI Leadership Library now and get access to the resources you need to lead and disciple urban youth into followers of Christ.

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