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Highly effective leaders in youth ministry must be continuous, lifelong learners.

Because we believe highly effective leaders in youth ministry must be continuous, lifelong learners, we created the UYWI Leadership Library. All access FREE of charge! All you need to do is register. In our Library, you will learn about practical urban ministry and leadership from seasoned urban youth worker practitioners. You will also find a variety of Tools, Tips, and Takeaways that supply you with best practices from youth ministry experts and gain access to our Discipleship Toolkit in both English and Spanish to help you spark spiritual conversations with your youth.

We’ve even curated General Sessions from our UYWI National Conferences where you can learn from some of the best leaders and communicators in Urban Leadership and Youth Ministry. So whether you are just starting in Urban youth ministry or you are a veteran sharpening your leadership skills, we have resources to help you become the leader that God created you to be.

Register FREE for the UYWI Leadership Library now and get access to the resources you need to lead and disciple urban youth into followers of Christ.

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