This eBook "Youth In Distress" is designed with urban youth workers in mind, these tools can be used by anyone. This eBook will begin by defining depression to establish a common framework as we work through this text together, and we will offer simple and practical ways to help connect with, support and understand youth dealing with any level of depression. We draw from our faith and provide you with tools to help the whole person - mind, body, and spirit—to reconnect, build meaning, and above all, show up for those we love at home, and serve in our work.


Because we believe highly effective leaders in youth ministry must be continuous, lifelong learners, we created the Leadership Library. All-access is FREE of charge! All you need to do is register. In our Library, you will learn about practical urban ministry and leadership from seasoned urban youth worker practitioners. You will also find a variety of Tools, Tips, and Takeaways that supply you with best practices from youth ministry experts and gain access to our Discipleship Toolkit to help you spark spiritual conversations with your youth.


A framework that looks at nurturing every aspect of a young person's being. The goal is to integrate these aspects seamlessly, recognizing that each dimension contributes to a young person's overall spiritual growth and maturity. By addressing the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and rest/play needs of youth, leaders can guide them toward becoming holistic in their faith and thus equip them to navigate life's challenges with resilience and faith.


UYWI & DVULI have partnered to support and provide resources for Urban Ministry networks across America.  This unique partnership is forged in their combined commitment to generations of youth and their communities. These networks will work collaboratively to learn, share, assess, and prioritize the needs of their community in order to work together on solving common problems. The solutions proposed will invoke a holistic Gospel-centered approach to improving these communities.

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Reframe is an urban youth ministry curriculum that helps youth workers have biblically faithful, culturally relevant, meaningful conversations with their youth. All curricula at Reframe are for purchase. Use Code "UYWI" to receive 25% Off.