A Place Students Bring Their Friends

The desire to reach more students can sometimes mean bigger and better events.  We may duplicate the event someone else did but doesn’t mean we are being faithful to what God has called us to. Love is enough to get students through the door. When we can offer an unqualified love that is pure and holy, then that becomes contagious. […]


Sex and Dating

The church and urban youth workers sometimes have a hard time talking about this subject of sex and dating. We wanted to give you a guide you can use today in your own youth group. These tools can help you discuss this topic that some might be hesitant to bring up. Luma Haddad is a […]


From 13 students to 3,000 students

We help LAUNCH leaders by platforming them so they can have the greatest impact with urban youth. Jeremy Del Rio has been connected with UYWI for over 15 years. Throughout those years, Jeremy has journeyed through our entire process: connect, learn, grow, lead, and launch. It was through the UYWI community of leaders that opportunities were given to […]


From Camp to Church Plant

Byron, a recent graduate of the 90 Degrees Certification Program, is launching a youth church in the West Adams neighborhood of South Los Angeles. When Byron was fifteen-years-old he was brought to The Oaks Camp and Conference Center by youth workers from the World Impact Teen Center. I happened to be the speaker that weekend, […]


Be a Part of the Impact

We are excited to celebrate our 25 years of helping urban leaders grow their capacity and impact in the inner city. We hope you are enjoying the stories of impact we have been sharing with you as we connect, learn, grow, lead and launch leaders like you to have a greater impact in the lives of urban youth. We need your help to […]


We suffer in Isolation

“We suffer in isolation but we heal in community.” If you have ever been around Larry Acosta you would have heard these words. At UYWI we believe in this statement. What you do and who you work with can change the world. But that won’t happen alone. There is an amazing network of Kingdom workers […]


Exciting Things to Share

For 25 years we have been resourcing, training and developing urban leaders like you to have a greater impact in the inner city. YOU have done incredible things in the name of Christ; and we have been so honored to walk with you, cheer you on, cry with you and support you in your work […]


25 Years of Impact

In 1993, Larry Acosta had a dream to help ethnic leaders working in the hardest places in our country be resourced, trained, and developed. This was the birth of Urban Youth Workers Institute. Larry’s bold leap to move out of a great church ministry role into trailblazing the leading urban youth ministry in the country […]