Disruption Begins Here

by Amy Williams I remember one of my most powerful ministry moments as a youth pastor. The lights were dim. The DJ’s turntable was on fire playing hip hop and reggaeton. The break dancers were killing it. The youth were hyped up. It was quite an atmosphere. I played a Lecrae video and the youth were […]


Bound To Be Free

by D.A. Horton The following article is an excerpt from Bound to Be Free: Escaping Performance to Be Capture by Grace by D.A. Horton. Soon after my conversion to Christianity, I began laboring in the work of ministry…I convinced myself during my initial days of salvation that busyness equaled holiness. If I was idle, I was […]


Jam The Hype Creative Arts Festival

La Mirada, CA (March 1, 2016) – For over 15 years UYWI has been holding the premier urban youth worker conference in the nation. Our conference includes a unique brand of PRACTICAL and INNOVATIVE training that will energize you like none other. Our lineup of speakers, trainers and artists understand the urban context because most have […]


Fighting The Inner Darkness

by Kathy Kang What happens when agents of disruption have their own lives disrupted? What happens with the darkness creeps in or simply takes over our own lives? What does it look like to put on the full armor of God because life is too real? I don’t know about you but 2016 came up […]

JTH Initials-Mark

UYWI Acquires Jam The Hype

  La Mirada, CA (Feb 25, 2016)  – The Urban Youth Workers Institute is proud to announce the acquisition of Jam the Hype, an Internet radio and media outlet for all that is happening in Christian urban culture.  Jam the Hype has been known for its quality coverage of Christian urban news, events, and also […]


Powering Stories: Larry Valenzuela

by Larry Valenzuela UYWI is about powering the urban youth worker and we know that part of that is coming together and sharing our stories. Larry Valenzuela is one of those people, here is his story: About a year ago, my perspective on youth ministry began to shift. It started with a group of junior high […]


Hold On and Hold Out

by D.A. Horton Mornings seem to be the most frustrating part of the day for me. No matter how early I wake up, it seems I’m always rushing out the door behind schedule. Come to think of it, there was a time when I was ready to surrender my heart to apathy because of a series […]


Stand in the Place Where You Live

by Christian Mulitauopele UYWI is about powering the urban youth worker and we know that part of that is connecting with other leaders who understand your challenges and share your calling. Christian Mulitauopele is one of those leaders, here’s his story: At an early age, I understood the effects of the gang lifestyle, as they were made […]


5 Ways to Root Out Your Own Hypocrisy

by Tommy Nixon The path to great leadership and effectiveness is found in our willingness to face our own hypocrisy. One thing I love about urban youth is that they can search out BS faster than most. After experiencing the cycle of pain and suffering through poverty, broken families and the violence of our culture […]


Hope is Not Lost; The Meaning is

by Amy Williams The world defines hope as a possibility, “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.” But our faith defines it as a sure thing. Hope in Scripture means “a strong and confident expectation.” Our hope is in the God of promises, the […]


Youth Worker Spotlight

  “I have a passion to reach youth who come from broken homes and are making disastrous decisions, I feel I can relate given my upbringing. I grew up in Panorama City, (Los Angeles Area) where I faced many challenges. I know what its like to come from a broken home, a single- parent household, […]


Free info Lunch or Dinner w/ Larry Acosta Bay Area

Dear Bay Area Urban Youth Workers,What does your growth and development plan include? Would you consider making our Bay Area 90 Degrees Certification Program part of your personal leadership development strategy?Join URBAN YOUTH WORKERS INSTITUTE for a gathering to encourage and connect urban youth workers, as well as a time to share about a next generation urban leader’s cohort […]