Youth Worker Question

Recently a youth worker called asking for help in finding curriculum for urban students to help them understand and develop their faith. He works with primarily unchurched students, and wants something he could use for their weekly Bible Study. He also would like to take 6-8 urban students on a mission trip to Africa. He […]


Tycean Martin update

I know several of you have been praying, and I wanted to make sure you had an update from the Martins themselves: Family and friends We apologize that it’s been a while since our last update. We left you the day we were told that Tycean was going back into the hospital for a cardiac […]

What's the strategy?

The following question was emailed from Concerts of Prayer Greater New York to Jeremy after the “Mooks, Midriffs …” presentation at the Greater New York Pastors Prayer Summit. “Now I’d like to see how we can reach young people online; what are some strategies and programs that have been successful with such a plugged-in generation?” […]

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Articles at "The House"

Phil Jackson’s “The House Covenant Church” (thachurch.org) has several articles hosted on their articles and audio page. Article titles include “Truth In Your Grill!”, “How To Hang Up On a Booty Call”, and “How To Get Along With Your Parents Without Going Crazy.” The great thing about these articles is that they look to be […]


Salvation Army doing a new thing

The Salvation Army has a new music site for their youth (although not exclusive to Salvation Army youth), and it’s promoting new music by young artists, songwriters, poets. I think this opens up to doors to hear talented inspired rappers, spoken word artists, poets, punk bands, R&B groups, pop groups, and others who want to […]

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"Young Turn to Web Sites Without Rules"

The NY Times online has an article about how young people are increasingly visiting video sites where there are no filters or banning of any content. If you’re interested in what your kids are looking at and watching and want to stay with the trends, you may want to read this article.

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Bring your kids: free event

A free New Year’s concert (in Diamond Bar, CA) featuring Odd Thomas & DJ Bobbito (UYWI’s Bobby Duran) and Starfield. It’s 8pm to midnight. Bring your youth, bring your friends, bring yourself if you don’t have anything going on. Click on the image above for a larger image to promote this event.

The Call

This was a short video put together by Paul Sun for UYWI with interviews of Susie Kook and Peter Watts who both do ministry in different parts of Los Angeles on why they do urban youth ministry. It’s very encouraging and I hope you take 6 minutes and 52 seconds out of your day to […]