The Call

This was a short video put together by Paul Sun for UYWI with interviews of Susie Kook and Peter Watts who both do ministry in different parts of Los Angeles on why they do urban youth ministry. It’s very encouraging and I hope you take 6 minutes and 52 seconds out of your day to […]


Sweet Dating Skills

I love Napoleon Dynamite. I saw it and saw it again and laughed and laughed. Now this was a few years ago.. when it came out and was far more relevant. Just today, I ran across a “dating” series from using references to the characters from ND and it’s kind of Kara Powell’s Good […]

Larry speaks Beyond Materialism

Larry Acosta spoke at the Newsong Church in Tustin, CA during a pop culture series entitled “iPop” and the recorded message is available from the UYWI website. It’s a 80MB Quicktime file ready to be downloaded and played on your computer or your iPod. It took me about 7 minutes to download it on a […]

prayer request: infant heart surgery

Larry informed me that two of our youth workers in Seattle, Bobby and Kimi Martin, just had a baby Wednesday, November 8th at 10:08 pm. Tycean Emmanuel Arthur Martin weighed in at 7 lbs, 19.5 in. He was born with a heart condition and has his first surgery this Thursday at 7am PST(tomorrow!). Please pray […]

Having the End in Mind

I ran across a pretty decent article on discipleship by Lacrae (who is slated to perform at UYWI07) on the Reach Records website. Apparently it’s dated too because the article is almost a year old, but it was new to me. It was encouraging and I think it’s a good read if you’d like some […]

James 5:13-16 (The Message)

Prayer to Be Reckoned With 13-15Are you hurting? Pray. Do you feel great? Sing. Are you sick? Call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master. Believing-prayer will heal you, and Jesus will put you on your feet. And if you’ve sinned, you’ll be forgiven—healed inside […]

How to Get Teens Excited About God

Youth ministers are seeking clues in the results of a new survey of teens and the church, which shows a spiritual longing that is often not fulfilled. By SONJA STEPTOE It’s a question nearly as old as the Testaments: How can church leaders forge a lasting bond with young people? Youth ministers seeking clues will […]

How do I help my kids?

e-mailed in by a youth worker: I have a question for you. I’m doing Young Life. We have the school is about 15 percent minority, and Young Life is about 40 percent minority. The problem is that the 40 percent of the minority kids are really hood, the type that throw balls during the talk […]

e-mailed in from a youth worker

I could use some help. Back in late May 2006, I had a teen, who is a regular, threaten another teen that he would “shoot him” if he didn’t leave his brother alone. The other teen is a regular and was angry at this guy’s brother, probably at the little brother’s instigation. I was not […]


because this is the first post, I wanted to promote other bloggers within our network for the blogs they have. Rudy Carrasco, Jeremy Del Rio, John Lewis, John Liotti, Scott McLane, Max Torres, Noel Castellanos, Abner Ramos, John Teter, Joshua Trujillo, and Bart Campolo. Forgive me if I forgot anyone. I’m sure tons of folks […]