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Arts Integration: School Partnerships that Impact the Community

Study of the fine and performing arts (visual, instrumental and vocal music, dance, or theater) as a stand-alone subject or integrated into the school curriculum is increasingly accepted as an essential part of achieving success in school, work, and life. This workshop will equip participants with strategies for partnering with schools to create fine and […]


Inside OUTreach

In this workshop you will learn the ins and outs of starting a small business focused on community transformation from the inside out. one one eight designs is a furniture company that was created to engage and transform Seattle’s Rainier Valley through our creativity and influence. our focus is bringing those in our community that […]


How do You Engage Others with God’s Word?

Illiteracy, biblical illiteracy and many other roadblocks present difficult obstacles to overcome when attempting to engage our culture with God’s Word. that is why streetlights multi-media Bible was birthed – to help bridge these gaps. through relevant and engaging formats, people of all literacy levels will be able to hear, understand, and internalize the Word […]


Gangs: Why Kids Join and What You Can do About It

Peer counseling, effective parent participation and training caring adults as mentors are just a few of the ways to positively influence gang-influenced children. In this workshop you will get a Biblical and psychological understanding of why kids join gangs, and how you can continue to influence their lives. We will also discuss gang prevention and […]


Engaging the Powers: Learn How to go Beyond the Walls of Your Church

Implement a vision that engages your church, community, the city and the world. In this session we will teach you how to grow your leadership, conduct unconventional outreach, collaborate with elected and city officials, and advocate for change at the political level. If you want to help transform your community for Christ this workshop is […]


Collaboration Works! How Ready is your Community for Collaboration?

More importantly, are YOU ready to collaborate with other ministries? Many leaders serving in the same neighborhood with similar passion and vision admit that the barrier to partnering with others is trust. this workshop will consider key components and benefits of effective collaboration in order to help you as a leader see that you can […]