Finally Friday: A Wing & A Prayer

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A Wing and A Prayer 

This phrase was first used in WWII. It means just managing to get the job done.  I believe one of the ways we can get the job done in reaching the young people in our community is with a wing, a pizza, some nachos, a few cupcakes and of course, prayer. Let me explain.

One of the most effective ways to get the attention of a teenager is through food. If you feed them, they will come… at least to eat.  Even Jesus used food as a bridge to minister and outreach. If it was good enough for Jesus, then it has to be good enough for us.

Here are a few things to think about when bringing food into the mix of ministry:


  • Keep It Fast – Select foods that can be served quickly.  The more you prepare in advance, the better. Stay away from making, baking or frying it. Choose the simple things, like hamburgers and hotdogs.
  • Keep It Fun – It’s okay if it does not have a scripture and a sermon following it.  This is an opportunity for fellowship.
  • Keep It Friendly – Food is a great way for your students to invite their friends to church. It creates a friendly environment for everyone to feel welcome.
  • Keep It Free – Feed them for free and they are guaranteed to come. If budget is an issue, look outside of your church. Go to local businesses and ask for support. You’ll be surprised how many people will get onboard.


Now, I’d like to share some creative ways we used food to communicate the love of God to teenagers:


Girls Night Out – Pick a night and celebrate the ladies in your program. Whether it’s pink and white half moon cookies or purple specialty drinks, simple creativity to makes it special for the girls.

Guys Night Out – Pick a night and celebrate the guys in your program.  Whether it is man themed trivia, eating competitions, or throw down challenges, show the guys you appreciate them.

Food Fight – Let them get messy! We do eat-offs, food relays; even stuff your face competitions.

Cereal Bash – Right in the middle of the summer before they go back to school, we throw a big cereal bash at night for all the students.  Cereal, the breakfast of champions, gears you up for a day of education.  Teens love the sweet stuff.

Junior High/Senior High Wars – A night of competition where the little guy gets to knock out the big guy.  This is definitely an event to add in some food competitions. Trust me; junior high students can hold their own against a senior high student when it comes to shoveling in food.

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