Follow the Leader: Recruiting the Best Leadership for Your Youth Ministry

“He who thinks he’s a leader and has no one following is only taking a walk.” John Maxwell

For many years, this quote has been a benchmark for me as a leader.  I have learned that leadership is not based on a title or denomination.  Simply put, leadership is the ability to inspire others to follow.  I have also learned that the success of any youth program can be chalked up to the leadership that is in place.  See Acts 6:1-7.

It is very important that you recruit and develop leaders in your program who not only have a heart to serve, but ones that you can trust others will want to follow.  In every church I have worked for, I had to make some very difficult decisions.  I had to determine who needed to be released from the existing leadership, and who God was highlighting to be recruited into the new leadership team.

John Maxwell said it this way: “It takes a leader to know a leader, grow a leader, show a leader and attract a leader.”

The Bible supports this with Proverbs 11:14 “Without wise leadership, a nation is in trouble, but with good counselors, there is safety.”

It is your responsibility as the head of your leadership team to ensure that it is made up of the right people needed to fulfill God’s plan for your program. 

How to Recruit the Right Leadership

  1. Select from the Inside Out… Ask God to highlight those from within your church that have a heart for young people.
  2. Never Stereotype… Don’t look at someone and disqualify them based on what you can’t see.
  3. Provide a Leadership Training Program… It is very important to share the vision of the youth ministry and to communicate the expectations of every leader serving in the program.
  4. Give the Leaders Ownership in the Youth Ministry… Share the mission and vision of your program with others.  You will not be able to do it all by yourself.  The mission of your program must be designed to inspire others to action. You should be able to release it into the hands of leaders who you can trust to protect it.

When I begin to recruit and develop new leadership, I ask a series of questions that are necessary to ensure they are willing to pour their lives into young people. Asking the following questions will help you to determine if they are a followable leader ready for deployment.

Follow the Leader Check List

Do you feel called to young people?

  • Will you use youth ministry as a stepping stone for something else?
  • Can you handle change?
  • Do you have sin in your life?
  • Are you committed to the vision of this church?

This generation is looking for someone to follow.  We must make it a priority that we will do whatever it takes to discover and develop followable leaders.

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