Gangs and Racism Spreading in the West Inland Empire

Inland Empire Gang Shooting

The West Inland Empire Urban Coalition met on Thursday evening for a great meal, a time of reconnecting old friends and praying for the city of pomona and ontario. Milo Carrasco shared how since our last meeting, about 6 weeks ago. There has been over 10 shootings, 3 murders and an altercation between the poilce and students at Garey High School. Milo shared his heart for trying to rally pastors in the city together to partner toward real change. Milo also was reconnected to Cris, Rubi and Patty from Centro Cristiano de Ontario. They had not seen each other in over 10 years.

As gangs are active in Pomona, the racial tensions between blacks and browns are running high in Ontario. Please pray for the churches, the police and the city officials to begin to understand that this will not go away unless the people of God’s kingdom begin to model what it means to practice racial reconciliation. This coalition has such great potential to really discuss real problems and look toward solution. If you are in the area please let us know if you would like to be at the next meeting.

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