Lift up Minneapolis (updated)

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photos via Star Tribune, Aug 2nd, 2007.

(updated) Eric Iverson, a Minneapolis-based youth worker who has trained at our UYWI national conference and several RELOADs, got back to me with how he would suggest responding. Eric passed on some pictures he had and suggested visiting the Star Tribune and Red Cross for information and how to support the Twin Cities through this.

Eric did relay that one of his youth from his youth group had been working construction and survived the fall, but was unaware of anyone else from within his network who was close to the tragedy. Let’s continue to lift them up in prayer.

As often as you think of it, lift our brothers and sisters in Minneapolis up in prayer. Today’s bridge tragedy not only effects those who were on the bridge but the communities connected to those individuals as well as the local economy in the months and years to follow. Several of us have relationships in the Twin Cities area and several UYWI speakers and trainers reside in the Twin Cities. When you consider your friends, family or associates, please lift up the Minneapolis community and affirm and encourage your friends from afar, or if you’re near, please donate blood. Thanks.

read the CNN story here




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