Pasadena… A City with Multiple Faces

the west san gabriel valley urban coalition met at villa 500 community center. it was great to be hosted by mayra and amy from lake avenue foundation. the community center reminds you that pasadena is a city with multiple faces and is in real need of the faith based community coming together to solve the problems of violence and racism in the city.  here are a few of the highlights from the meeting for those who were not able to attend.
  1. brad griffen from the center for youth and family ministry was able to help us look even deeper at the article “stress in the city”
  2. dan hodge and brad both shared the struggle of desiring to live in the community and love their neighbors but the reality of the price of homes in even some of the most dangerous neighborhoods makes it seem hopeless
  3. after the meeting, a few of us began to discuss what would it take for people in pasadena to begin to unite for the kingdom and all of the roadblocks to making it happen.

well, if you miss the meeting, please feel free to give us some impact of what it looks like for pasadena to unite to discuss issues that are affecting the community that has millionaires and homeless living within its walls

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