Homeless Family Volunteers… What do WE do for them?

i was hosting the second south bay coalition meeting at mission ebenezer church and Melissa Pirraglio from teen challenge in south gate shared that a lady whose family had been homeless, but had been active in volunteering with the youth group “God Squad”. here is a portion of an email melissa sent to some of us that are apart of the south bay coalition.

God Bless you family,
As I shared @ the urban coalition dinner I would really love for the body of Christ to pull together to come along side this family in need.
I want to share why……..First of all her faithfullness in bringing her children and attending our youth group (God Squad) 2nd She always is here with a huge smile(absolutely genuine too) and a willingness to volenteer to help us from clean up to quieting down the kidz 3rd I’ve never heard a complaint from her in regards to her situation nor seen any form of manipulation to see what she could get out of us….(which is rare in our environment) and after learning that she and her family had been struggling and didn’t have a home to see the gratitude with the fruit of hospitality when God did place a roof over their head. When she invited me into her house that they have had now for about 2 to 3 months I couldn’t help but be moved by what I had seen. The house is empty except for 2 tvs and a seat from a car in their living room to sit on. They do have a refrigerator Praise God!!!! but no beds no couches no table to eat on no dressers etc………. I would love to give her new stuff and have thought of trying to save and do this on my own………..but at that meeting I realized that the body of Christ is made up of more that just me and as a family we can be the expression of Gods heart together………..ps the house is very tiny so I was thinking that a love seat that has a bed would be a good thing for the living room since they are a family of four and the room probably should have a bunk bed since that too is very small. If we could fit a dining table it would have to be small and probably rectangular and slender. Also she expressed a need for clothes for her 3yr old that is the first and only thing she has ever asked for. So again it is Patty(Mother) her husband, Jocelyn who is 12 and the baby boy who is 3 yrs old.

ok. urban leaders, what are you going to do? what is the kingdom response? how can we me the body of christ for this family? if you would like to help toward this cause… please email melpirraglio@yahoo.com. i hope that we cannot give junk, but some nice stuff or some funds to equip melissa to buy some furniture.

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