90 Degrees Certification Program Impact

The 90 degrees Certification program has empowered me both personally and professionally to have greater kingdom impact and healthier personal practices. I am personally in a healthier state of spirit, soul, and body than I have ever been in. I attribute much of this new found peace to our Soul Care, Excellence in Ministry, and Leading from Your Strengths curricula. These curricula have empowered me to maximize the seasons of the day and connect on a deeper and richer level with Christ, the benefits of which are spilling out onto everything and everyone in my circle of influence. I have created habits of self-leadership that keep me fresh and fueled for ministry over the long haul.

My personal kingdom calling has been reassured through much of the curricula and time spent with my executive coach. Professionally I have implemented much more structure into the Youth Ministry. We have instituted more effective methods of what we call “consolidation”, also referred to as closing the back door. We did this to ensure that our visitors are reached out to in a timely fashion and that those who commit themselves to Christ have support. We have established job descriptions and a volunteer process that protects the youth and our ministry against uncommitted service. We have established yearly curriculum for the youth with monthly themes that create space for better planning and marketing of the subject matter, and that also helps us to build interest and momentum.

Our ministry has become more strategic and more decentralized. One of my purposes for joining the program was to learn how to delegate more effectively to my leaders. Although I am continuing to improve on this, my Sunday mornings are much more peaceful as we have established team leaders for Connecting with youth, Media, Communications, Personal Ministry, Small Groups, Worship, Announcements, Ushers, Greeters, and Ambiance. It is awesome to see young people serving in strategic and structured leadership roles. We have impacted our community through various methods of strategic campus outreach and have continued to be a presence on our local school campus. The 90 degrees certification process has truly blessed and empowered me.

I’m a certified leader with the “right” perspective and tools necessary to lead excellent, impactful, empowering ministry.

Mark Fields

Youth Minister, Zoe Christian Fellowship of Whittier, Whittier, CA

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